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<<<>>> Welcome to Iran Carpet Company' s Web Site <<<>>> <<<>>> Iran Carpet Company is the oldest Iranian manufacturing and trading company with more than 75 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and exporting genuine Persian Carpets and Rugs of the highest quality. <<<>>> Enjoying the support of a team of experienced carpet experts , covering all aspects of manufacturing and selling , Iran Carpet Company is well prepared to receive customer’s orders from any place in the world. Our team of designers are always ready to consider your ideas of a genuine Persian carpet and design a whole new exclusive design just for you. , <<<>>> whether it is a small Silk Rug of roughly 1 sq.m. or the world’s biggest Genuine Hand-Knotted Persian Carpet , measuring as big as 6000 sq. m. which was made for Shaikh Zayed al-Nahyan.Mosque ,Abu Dhabi-UAE or the previous one , 5000 sq.m that we did it for Qabus Azam Mosque Muscat,Oman.Nothing is impossible for Iran Carpet Company when it comes to the real hand knotted Persian carpet. <<<>>> the Giant carpet specifications : started, January 21,2006 - weaving period : 2 years - design: with five big medallions ,with green background,this carpet have variety of twenty five naturally dyed yarn . More than 30 tons of wool and 15 tons of cotton used to make this carpet.the size:132 meter by 48 meter,done by more than 1000 skilled weavers <<<>>> Iran Carpet Company employs about 10,000 weavers from all parts of the country , from the cold and snow-covered mountainous lands of East and West Azarbaijan and Kurdistan provinces in the north -west and west to the flat lands of Khorasan and Sistan- Baluchestan to the east and south-east; from the green topped mountains and rainy province of Gilan and Mazandaran at the shores of the Caspian Sea in the north to the hot and sunny lands of central provinces of Isfahan , Kerman and Khuzestan at coast of the Persian Gulf thousands of people are at work weaving the legend of The Persian Carpet . <<<>>> Each province and city gives its own individual characteristics to the carpet being woven by the weavers of that area in regards to the design , materials and weaving methods and techniqs used in making them and therefore the Persian carpets are most famous by the name of the region in which they are made e.g. Kashan , Kerman, Tabriz, Qom, Ardebil, Ilam , Arak, Naein, Isfahan, Mashad, Birjand,Chadegan,Darehshahr,Ravar,Zabol,Sanandaj,Shahrkord,Kashmar,Kermanshah,Golpayegan,Hamedan,Yasouj,Bijar, Yazd,Ahvaz . <<<>>> Iran Carpet Company , by using its own team of high quality carpet experts , applies strict quality control measures on all aspects of manufacturing ; from assuring the conformity of designs with genuine Iranian traditional patterns , to control manufacturing process which includes : selection of the right raw materials such as lamb wool , looming and dying process for making the warp , weft and threads that go to making the carpets and the last but not the least the constant monitoring of the weaving process at the workshops until the finished carpets are ready for the market <<<>>> At the last stage the final control is carried out to make sure that the carpet is clear from any possible defects and finally the carpet is visited by a member of evaluation team who evaluates , ranks and prices the carpet according the kind and quality of the raw materials and also the quality of the craftsmanship which has gone into the carpet . Then , the carpet is given a code number and after being tagged , is shipped to the main warehouse , ready to be delivered to the customers or our showrooms . <<<>>>

1.5 SQM - Kerman

1.5 SQM - Kerman

6sqm - Tabriz

3sqm - Birjand

2 SQM - Kashmar

9sqm - Birjand

3.00 SQM - Yasouj

3sqm - Arak

6sqm - Zabol

9sqm - Yazd

3sqm - Ardabil

3.00 SQM - Yasouj

6sqm - Arak

6MM - اردبيل

9sqm - Ardabil





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